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Madbury Town Hall (Meet and Greet)

Join us for a Town Hall in Madbury!

Governor O’Malley has spent 27 years of public service working to rebuild the American Dream of equal rights and opportunity for all. As Governor of Maryland, he:

• Raised the minimum wage
• Passed marriage equality
• Ended the death penalty
• Passed the DREAM Act
• Protected the Chesapeake Bay
• Increased school funding
• Decreased violent crime
• Reduced the incarceration rate

Join us to find out more about his progressive plan for our future: 

• College Affordability: Debt-free college for in-state public universities.

• Clean Energy Future: Make America 100% clean energy powered by 2050.

• Hold Wall Street Accountable: Break up “too big to fail” banks and prosecute CEOs who break the law.

• Raise the Minimum Wage to $15: Increase the overtime threshold and restore collective bargaining power.

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Host: Elsie Raymer
Home of Jen Wilhelm (Madbury, NH)
181 Drew Road
Madbury, NH 03823